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Custom Draperies – It’s All About The Details

With the scale and proportions of windows larger than ever before, how you dress the “walls of glass” in your rooms has a huge impact on the warmth and overall feel of your home.  Add the popularity of 9 and 10 foot (and some even higher) ceiling height, the vast expanses of glass can leave your rooms feeling large and open but cold, stark and unfinished.  Unless you are lucky enough to live in a secluded area, window coverings are not optional, so you need to ensure your purchase is both functional and beautiful.  With so many options available for custom draperies, it can be both confusing and overwhelming, but setting a budget and determining what issues you need to address is key to investing wisely.

to create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail

Giorgio Armani

I love the option of simple honeycomb shades for function.  They add incredible insulation, operate effortlessly on large windows and with different price levels available can leave ample room in your budget for the finishing touch of custom draperies.  Even simple can be spectacular with the attention to small details custom draperies can offer. Although a bit expensive, custom drapery, selected for a few key rooms, can take your home from great to exceptional.  With endless fabric selections, personalized styles and creative details, nothing compares to the impact draperies can make in your home. In the transitional space pictured, the draperies designed add a layer of softness without weight or view restriction, in a linen sheer.  The addition of 5 tailored satin folds with sheen and a metal watch band trim top and bottom (lined up with the transom windows), brings glamour and sparkle to the room in perfect proportion for such a refined and disciplined interior.Gone are the two and three layer drapery treatment from the past, but even simple side panels can add drama, softness, sound absorption, frame your view and most of all add the perfect finishing touch to your interiors.

Marie Paddon